Have you suffered harm or damage to your body, property, reputation, or rights as a result of the actions or negligence of another person? Has your injury resulted in medical costs, missed pay, property damage, pain, suffering, or mental anguish?

In that instance, you might have grounds for filing a claim or a lawsuit to recover those costs.

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Salir herido en un accidente y experimentar un trauma en consecuencia puede ser desastroso.

Debe presentar un reclamo de liquidación contra la persona responsable además de buscar terapia y cuidarse a sí mismo.

La comunicación con el oficial de policía que responde al accidente, el arrendador, el dueño del perro o el gerente del supermercado involucrado en el caso puede ser desafiante si eres proveniente de un país de habla hispana. Cuando te comunicas de manera efectiva, es menos probable que los ajustadores y las compañías de seguros te malinterpreten o te orillen aceptar un pago mínimo o ninguno en absoluto.

Un abogado de accidentes automovilísticos que hable español te puede representar efectivamente en la corte y durante el procedimiento de reclamo de seguro si tu primer idioma es el español y estuviste involucrado en un incidente automovilístico. Lo mismo aplica para otro tipo de accidentes, como mordeduras de perro, resbalones y caídas, relacionados con el trabajo, automóviles, bicicletas y otros casos de lesiones personales.

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Car Accidents

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Motorcycle Accidents

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Motorcycle Accidents

Physically, emotionally, and financially, personal damage can be devastating.We’re here to assist you in receiving the financial and medical care you merit. Give us a call right away!

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En Diener Abogados cuidaremos de ti y de tu caso. Te mantendremos informado sobre los detalles de tu caso que debas conocer o comprender, lo que mejorará tu experiencia legal. Además, puedes consultar sobre el procedimiento en cualquier momento.

Estamos seguros de que podemos brindarte el nivel de asesoramiento que necesitas, ya que previamente tú nos has facilitado comprender el impacto que el accidente ha tenido en tu vida. Una de las formas en que podemos ayudarte a obtener los derechos legales para el reclamo de compensación financiera a los que tienes derecho es ayudándote a recuperarte del accidente.

¡Habla con nuestros abogados bilingües y calificados para lograr el mejor acuerdo posible para tu caso!

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I had an accident at work and contacted Diener Law attorneys. After so much time we didn’t give up, we fought and won the case. And I do recommend them to all those persons who have had accidents and have no legal papers here. Don’t give up. We should all fight because regardless of our legal status, we all have the same rights.

Guadalupe Angeles

My name is Paula Cota. I live in Beaufort County and I was a victim of an armed robbery. Today I’m grateful that I hired Diener Law and they helped me obtain a Visa. I want to ask everyone to not think any further and hire a lawyer if you have been a victim of a violent crime. I can say they helped me a lot, and I’m no longer afraid to be in the US because they opened that door for me. Don’t leave it for tomorrow, do it today.

Paula Cota

When I had the car accident, the first thing I did was to call the attorneys at Diener Law to see if they could take my case. They have been helping me a lot and I’m pleased with their work.


I hired Diener Law because my husband did an immigration petition for me. It was a waiver case. Now my life has changed in many positive ways. I got legal permanent residency, my driver’s license and thanks to God we are doing much better. Don’t waste any more time and go to Diener Law to get help with your immigration case!

Martha Ramirez

I sustained an injury while I was working back in February, I reported it to my employer and they obviously said ‘There’s nothing we can do for you’. For some time, I looked for lawyers that could help me, but two or three firms refused to take my case saying ‘There’s nothing we can do for you’. I didn’t give up. I kept searching and finally found Diener Law. And I feel very pleased to have found this law firm because they immediately gave me attention and never gave up. From the very start when they took my case they never said no and to this very, they proved to be very attentive. I feel very, very pleased to have them take my case

María Mendez

Above all I’d like to thank Diener Law, because of how they helped me. I have been approved to stay legally in this country. At first, I was little afraid to apply because I wasn’t sure of what was going to happen but they supported me every step of the way and I’m very satisfied with the way they worked with me. Now that everything’s over, I believe we made it and it’s all thanks to them.

Gilberto Diaz

I had a Criminal case and thank God everything got sorted out. I came to Diener Law’s office, they helped and gave me their support during this case. Whether it is a big or small case, I would advise all my friends not to try and solve legal matters on their own. The way migratory laws are at this moment, it’s better to get legal help to get everything worked out in your favor. I’d like to say that Diener Law helped me along this very lengthy process. Be patient, work with your lawyers and God willing, everything will be alright.

Fernando Vega

My name is Daniel, I am originally from Mexico City and I currently live in Pitt County. I hired Diener Law around the year 2008 because I had a very serious accident and my case turned out being a valid U-Visa. Lots of people would tell me to go back to Mexico, but I decided to stay and fight because I heard that I could receive some sort of legal benefit with this case. Now my life has positively changed: I could get my driver’s license, a valid social security number, and now I’m going in and out of Mexico whenever I want. Now I am working to get my citizenship.


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